The Netherlands has more than fifty state-recognised universities for higher vocational education. Most of these universities are largely financed by state funding. However a small number are funded privately. These are inspected by the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science so as to ensure quality.

The DDU is a privately funded university of professional education. Our goal is to cater to the specific wishes of individual students and their eventual employers. The courses offered are made to measure. Not only can students expect more from the university; the university expects more from its students, especially in areas of social skills, motivation and a business-like attitude.

Private initiatives in the field of higher education are more common, and generally more developed abroad. On the whole, these institutions are generally considered by consumers and the business world alike as being of a substantially higher quality than their public counterparts. The DDU has strategic alliances and co-operation agreements with both state funded and non-state funded universities and institutions of higher education throughout Europe and the rest of the world. These partner institutes are always state-recognised.


The HBO diploma offered by the DDU is officially recognised by The Dutch Ministery of Education and Science. The Dutch Higher Education Inspector verifies the quality of education offered by the DDU. Abroad, your HBO Diploma is equivalent to the more internationally recognised Bachelor Of Arts degree. This will entitle you to university entry to the one year Masters courses (in The Netherlands called ‘drs’).

Para más información: http://www.ddbs.nl/